Best way to secure bike but nothing to chain it to?

Hi all. So I have a bit of a problem as in the parking space behind my place of work their is nothing to chain my bike to so I currently use a disk lock for the front wheel and I put a cable lock through the rear wheel and around the swing arm. I have installed a cheap but noisy Ebay alarm and I cover the bike. The small parking space behind work has wooden fence with gates but it is weak and I lock it with a padlock. My main problem is that I have nothing to chain the bike to and work will not allow me to fit a ground anchor so I am looking for ideas on what else I could do to keep the bike secure without chaining it. Pas

Think you’ve done all you can. Ground anchors aren’t perfect either. Preferably lock the cover.

Perhaps a ground anchor will magically appear overnight. You won’t know anything about it of course :wink:

I’d ask The Management if you could install a ground anchor.

If there are several motorcycle commuters using the car park you could do a group buy and include a chain with the ground anchor to daisy chain your own security chains through.

Failing that I’d be happier, but not entirely happy, with disk locks forward and haft. The Zena XX14 would be my preference, a solid lock with a built in alarm.

£64.95 each delivered inter webby wotsit here (other suppliers are out there)

An oil drum filled with concrete and an anchor - not a “ground anchor” as it isn’t permanent (it could be rolled away) - but makes it awkward to move a bike when attached. Of course, the bigger the drum the better but whatever you can get away with will be better than nothing. Of course, there is nothing to stop someone stealing the oil drum when the bike isn’t attached.

Without a fixed point, it’s tricky.

You could chain your front wheel to the rear wheel using a 3metre Oxford cable type lock. That would mostly deter opportunists.

Make a pact with any other bikers who use the space and chain your bike to another bike chain.

Chain your rear wheel to your pillion rear handle.

Take the fuse out of your bike and disconnect the battery if you don’t have an alarm, and use external battery powered movement triggered alarms x2 on each wheel.

Mostly, your cable lock won’t last 10 seconds with a pair of bolt croppers. You may need to upgrade it to a proper Squire or Allmax chain.

Remove your number plate so that thieves think it’s stolen :slight_smile:

Ask your work about CCTV.

Failing that, deflate your tyres :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe buy a set of kettlebells.

yeah I was gonna suggest something like ben said above, or maybe a plastic box again fill it with concrete and put a plastic pipe through it so the chain could be fed through.

Quick update for you. I will be fitting an anchor to the wall at my work place. I am maybe just a bit paranoid about my bike getting stolen but I guess its better to be safe then sorry.


I know a bit off topic but do you have a Tracker? Tracker gives me the most peace of mind.

An old car wheel and tyre can make a decent weight for the chain. It’s not ideal but all you’re looking to do is dter an opportunistic thief. If you have an alarm on it then moving the tyre can trigger the alarm.

Aldi were doing some very good front disc locks with an alarm for under a tenner.

better yet, fill the car tyre with concrete.

That’s not a bad idea actually