best tyres for track use

helllo everyone

ive got a r6 2000, just wana get some advice on what you think is the best tyre make n model for track use (stickys)


round n black tend to work :D:D

They all get sticky if you rag them hard enough :smiley:
I’d run what ever’s on there at the time.

Pirelli diablo supercorsa, there stickey.

aye, supercorsa’s are the standard choice

depends how fast you are, and what the weather conditions are, whether you have spare wheels or have to run one compound no matter what

it depends how good you are as to what tyres you need. Saw Bob from FWR blitz (lap all on the fast group) with pretty standard road rubber on a road going GXSR

fixed that for ya scorchio :smiley:

Bob is super fast though lol and has some amazing bike control.

In reality like everyone so far has said it does depend on your ability and speed.
If you are after something to give you more confidence then opt for Pirelli super Corsa’s many of the club racers use these or the metzeler racetecs.

What tyres do you have on now and what is your general ability round a track?
Will you be using the same tyres on the road before and after a track day?

thanks for the advice-really helpful

@PJ …im only going to be using them on the track,im gonna get another set of wheels for road use, in terms of my abillity i think im decent and i do push it quite hard but im no where near some of the guys ive seen at trackdays and il admit that straight away.

its my 3rd trackday next week and im really getting into it so i thought it would be a good idea to upgrade a few things, and plus my rear tyre had a plug in it which i don think is good enough for track?

so these supercorsa’s are they purely for good weather then im assuming?

cheers alex

Not necessarily I use them all year round, you just have to be careful in the rain and snow :smiley:

run plenty of plugged tyres on track, never had an issue

think of the tyres as operating bands of temperature which overlap.

slicks are hot and dry only, have to be ridden hard to keep them hot
supercorsas operate in hot temps and start go off in cool or damp conditions, road legal
power pure or similar fast road tyre - will cover hard riding on track, will also cope with wet conditions. will lose out to supercorsas if the pace is high enough

unless you’re very quick you prob dont ‘need’ to go to supercorsas yet and if you’re riding there you’re risking losing the day if the weather turns.

personally I used to use power pures and wets on wheels and that covered me to into the fast group (admittedly not that far up the pecking order). it was my road bike too so supercorsas wouldn’t give me enough mileage/would be a bit rubbish when I wasn’t on track.

I had Supercorsa’s when I bought the bike, I have to say being a newbie, they did nothing for my confidence. Pilot Power’s were far better and then as I was commuting Pilot Roads were better. My brother and I were making good progress on the track with Pilot Roads. If it’s track only then you could opt for something like Pilot Pure - Supercorsa’s. Just be careful in the wet, before they heat up.

I think I’ll be trying Metzler’s next…