Best roote from (near) Sutton to central london

Im going to be moving to Cheam soon and have started thinking about whats the best roote to Central london (say Embankment rd).

Also I will actually be coming from two locations (Cheam) or a gym near me (KT19 0JB) leaving around 7:30 (i hit the gym before work)

so what is the best way:

A3 or A24.

I have been comuting from near there for coming up to eight years continuous. The answer is very much A24 in A3 out. This is because apart from Morden roundabout and Colliers Wood the A24 is pretty free flowing and easy to filter and has plenty of bus lanes you can use. The A3 going into Wandsworth in the mornings is hell although after that it depends on where you are heaing for your final destination.

On the way home there are loads of pedestrians in Clapham/Balham/Tooting which makes the A24 slow and difficult to filter in safely. By contrast, Vauxhall Cross, Nine Elms, Battersea is very quiet at that time and you can make good progress on the wide roads with bus lanes and hardly any pedestrians. Wandsworth is still a mare, but most days it flows reasonably well on a bike and you can filter up West Hill OK.

Example route here -,-0.1320137+to:Cheam+Common+Rd%2FA2043&hl=en&geocode=FdrbDwMdtoT8_w%3BFbW-EQMdcnb-_w%3BFeuSEQMdU_z9_yl309sq5QR2SDHxUJyqLa4OEw%3BFVLmDwMdo3H8_ylZ3XJ7Swh2SDHYRr3DFUc46w&mra=dpe&mrcr=1&mrsp=2&sz=14&via=2&sll=51.485071,-0.103168&sspn=0.02806,0.062828&ie=UTF8&ll=51.437745,-0.169601&spn=0.224715,0.502625&z=11

interesting! hadnt thought of that!