Best rides???? update - Thanks for the feedback to my question posted previously

Guys, cheers to everyone for all their suggestions last week on where to ride in the East.

Took the R1 out with an R6 buddy yeserday to Westerham area and then further South again. Nice rolling hills, perfect for riding quite fast without the worry of cops or oncoming traffic. Loved it!

I would suggest to anyone looking for a nice ride that this is a must to get out in this area. Plus there were plenty of quaint pubs to stop off at and get a bite and beer.

I am going to try the other suggestions this weekend. Perhaps Epping way if the weather stays good.



Ha! I ride through the lanes of Westerham on my way to and from work every day - great little manor :smiley:

Did you hit the B2069? Brilliant road for riding :smiley: