Best place to buy oil?

So I’ve decided to do an oil change today. Do I:

Go to Halfrauds and pay through the nose for convenience.
Go to a motorfactors and pay less, but probably have to go to Halfrauds for the filter anyway.
Do a tour of Tescos, I think their superstores do a range of branded oils.

Halfords seems to be the best option for me,

“CASTROL” i think is the onei use (I know what the bottle looks like) its £29.99 in halfords and £45+

any where else iv seen it

I used Halfrauds in the end. I went to 2 large motor factors near here, and both of them said they didn’t stock bike oil anymore on account of ‘the additives’ I didn’t push them for further explanation. They both steered me towards my local bike dealership, where it was more expensive than premium gin. Halfords sold me castrol + filter for £32.00

which filter?

didnt know they done bike parts

Yup, they don’t have a huge collection, but they always seem to have mine :slight_smile:

Halfords. Go for Castrol oil and a Champion oil filter

Done and fitted :smiley: Turns out Halfrauds is cheapest after all.

I tend to just get it from Hein Gericke. They used to give you a free filter with the 4L bottles but not sure if they still do.

Fixed for you :slight_smile:

To be honest I haven’t bought any for a while, but when I did it was cheaper than Halfords.

I usually plan ahead and use Buster’s Accessories/M&P. Motul 5000 10W 40 with Hi-Flo filter £25.90 including delivery. Suits me just fine.

Been there and done that too, Halfrauds are not so bad on the very basics and they’re local to boot …

Castrol Power 1 Racing 4T (JASO MA wotsit specification) 10W/40 fully synthetic @ £34.99 for 4 litres
or they do a part synthetic as above @ £29.99 for 4 litres if you prefer a more frequent oil change
Champion COF104 (F308) oil filter @ £6.29

40+ hard earned sorts the Bonne’ out once or twice a year :slight_smile: