Best place for Screens and Brake Lines

Hey All,

I am looking for the cheapest places to get a black screen and Red HEL (or equally as good) lines for my Black K7 GSXR?

I have thought about importing items from the US but I’m not sure if I will get hit with large import fees?

All comments welcome

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busters, demon tweaks, M&P all the usual suspects:)

what you trying to say:P

I’d heard that about him, well he does have a Fireblade habit to feed! :wink:

Anyone have any thoughts on who makes the best lines…

I have a good price for some HEL lines and an even better price for Venhill?

Thanks all



Hel and Venhill are different types of lines not just different brands.

Hel are swagged, the ends are fixed in place and if the lines get damaged the whole thing needs replacing. This type tend to be safer as cack handed mechanics can’t screw up building them and its easier as well as safer to fit coloured covers on them.

Venhill are built up lines using pressure olives to seal. Harder to build and harder to fit full length covers on but individual parts can be replaced if need. Tend to be more expensive than swagged fittings.

Hel are also a UK company so bit pointless importing from the US, it’ll cost more.

Cheers Sick,

I think I’ll go with the HEL and have a crack at fitting them myself!!!

I’ve never done this before so if anyone has any gems of advice to bestow upon me, or can point me in the direction of a good write up for a GSXR 600 K7 now’s the time LOL

Many thanks


I fitted a set this weekend and the fitting is easy enough, bleeding them is a bit awkward until you have worked it out.My advice would be to cover everything because the fluid gets everywhere (needs washing of paint pretty quickly if it does spill), get yourself one of those £5 one way bleed valves from Halfords - it makes the job easier if you are doing otherwise you run out of hands. Good luck:)