Best insurance for 22 year old on a 125 - quotes coming in over £700!!

quotes are coming up at north of £700 with 1 years NCB. Seems crazy!

I only pay 150 for each of my bikes… sheesh.

I take it you have tried the comparison sites? Otherwise it might be worth ringing up and having a haggle. But unfortunately young+inexperience=risk in the eyes of insurance companies.

I’m 21 and my 650 was £320… Its looking like it will go down to about £180 in April.

I’ll just leave this here again :slight_smile:

Helped me out quite a bit when I was looking…

I had the same trouble with the 125NSR. They want £400+ I have 3year NCD and over 30 years old. (Third party f&t)

When discussed it with the insurance guy, he said 125’s young boys ride them, drop them then claim.
Also they are high risk for theft.

I got a quote for a 400 bandit £80 it seems crazy. The insurance guy said it was crazy.

I played Carole Nash off with bennetts got a good deal in the end.

I usually got to I’ve had some pretty good quotes from them. Your story is familiar though, I think my RR is now cheaper to insure than my first year on the CB500.

I’ve had some decent quotes from as well.

<rant> Bit of background, I used to live in france and passed my bike test over there and still have a french licence, I’ve been resisting changing it as I want to move back in a couple of years and can’t be bothered with all the hassle.
What I want to know is why does me having a french licence increase my premiuim by about 40%? But by sending off a form and a cheque for £50 to the DVLA I am suddenly less likely to have an accident or have my bike stolen…No re-test or assessement just fill in a form and send a cheque. WTF, how does that work?

Now I can understand that in some countries the driving test is frankly a joke, had a moroccan friend a few years back who had passed her test in morocco, came to me after a few days driving saying there was a strange smell coming from the car, turns out she didn’t know she had to take the handbrake off.

So in that case I can see the issue, but with an EU licence surely it shouldn’t make any difference.

Ditto, why does being unemployed make me more of a risk? Same mileage per year, SD&P usage no commuting, yet there’s a 25% increase in premium for being unemployed! </rant>

sorry for the hijack btw, needed to vent

Insurance is a helluva scam