Best DAS course in East london!?

Hey there,

Can anyone recommend and DAS course near the east London area? Have just passed my CBT and theory so now looking to get in the road asap for summer :blush:

I am a novice rider but think I should be able to pick up quickly.

Thanks in advanced!

I can recommend 1 Stop Instruction in Ilford. I have done my second CBT and DAS with them, and cannot fault them! Great, keen riders and cannot beat the dynamic duo of father and son! Great instructors - ask for Pepsi who is the owner. :wink:

the best difficult one that iv only been doing bike training for 12 years and im still trying to figure it out, i have extended my 4 day course for £500 if booked before the end of may can be taken later but must be booked up n deposit paid after that its normal prices after that

Where have you done your CBT? I’m looking for a place in East or South East London.
Thank you!

I’ve met the owner at when he made a presentation at the ELAM last month. He claims to get 90% of his clients passed.

I used 1stopinstruction, they were very accommodating as I had to split my DAS into different weeks due to work commitments. I passed no problem, great instructors.

Another shout for 1 Stop, got ne through cbt & das first time, no problems. Top chaps, effecient and no messing about.

Havent done my DAS yet, but found the guys at Cardrome (Hornchurch/Romford) to be really good. It helps that they have their own private road layout there to practice on.

cardrome - hornchurch.Very nice fellas

Eastside Riders, Lea Bridge Rd. Patient & friendly - passed first time with them.

Thanks for all the replies guys!

Looks like 1Stopinstruction is the way to go. Just had a chat on the phone with one of the instructors and he seemed really down to earth and awesome.

He recommended The I do a 1-2-1 session first with them as I did my CBT on an Automatic and have only rode a manual for about 5 mins on my mates CG. This will cost £150 for two hours, but he said by then i should be pretty comfortable riding a 600cc which they use on the DAS course.

Then a 3 day intensive course this consists of Module 2 training in the morning and module 1 in the evening, they aim to have you passed your module one on the first day! Seems a bit intense lol and then two days to get your module two skills up and a test on the last day. Days average from about 9am to 4pm. - £600

So for me it will cost £750 for 4 days which seems quite a lot i was expecting to pay about £500, but they do have a 90% pass rate which is not bad at all! What do you guys think???

Thanks again for the replies.

Back in April, I done a gear conversion course, half a day course, £80.
Then a 3 day das course, including mod 1 and mod 2 test fees, £540.
Place near west ham station called Das London.

When I was learning with 1 Stop I did a 1-2-1 sess to move up from a 125 and get used to big bike. I never spent time riding a 125 you see. Then followed that with Das in 3days (split over two weeks to fit available test dates). Worked well for me, passed first time. They’re decent chaps, you can trust they know what will likely work for you

+1 for 1 Stop, I passed my full licence on a Vespa T5 in the 90s, which then matured to be a full A licence without ever having ridden anything but a geared scooter, when I decided to buy my Monster I rang them up, explained the deal, that I wanted to get a bit of training on foot gear change, and get used to the weight of a bike, and they organised a 2 hour 1-2-1 session, starting me off on a 125 and then onto a Gladius, at the end of the 2 hours, I was out on the roads and all happy. Point being is that they tailored the session to exactly what I needed, we went at a pace comfortable for me and I got exactly what I needed out of it. I had Kav (sp?) training me. It was well worth the £150.