Best chain lube?

My chain lube has run out!
Is there something that comes recommended by the members or LB?

Wurth dry chain lube is very good, hardly any fling & no black messy gunge everywhere…

wurth performance dry chain lube +1

I like the Profi Dry Lube. It has a replaceable straw nozzle for direct application - very accurate.

Dry lube? Does that not sound like an oxymoron? Using regular lube, if you clean and lube the chain after a ride and then wipe off the excess there shouldn’t be much fling.

I use Castrol which is pretty good. In my giant top box days I used to carry silkolene with me on rideouts That was the Londonbikers lube of choice for a while just because I always had some and on me.

I was strongly advised by the guys at Essential Rubber not to use dry chain lube. He said whats the point of having chain lube you can’t really see as you won’t know if your chain is lubed or not. My reply was “Errm, every 500-600 miles”. I can tell you it doesn’t last 500-600 miles when its raining as pointed out by the fellas at Essential Rubber… I didn’t know this because I’d always been using the dry stuff and couldn’t see if my chain was lubed or not, I just assumed.

Now to answer your question. Any wet chain lube. I use Mean Machines chain lube just because its cheap. 4 200ml cans for £10 including P&P. 1 can will last approximately 2 applications.

All te same mate, you ride a ybr125. Just spray it on and get going, do it once a week, after a ride when your chain is warm :slight_smile:

Hi Columbo

This is a regular subject and everyone will have their own preference.

For me it’s 3 choices: Regular lube, Dry lube and a Scott oiler

Because I use the bike every day commuting but then leave it garaged for 10 days every two months while I’m away on business the regular lube is my best option and I have found Castrol lube to be the cleanest and longest lasting.

Scott oilers don’t like 10 days unused and dry lube needs doing after every wet ride (comuting in the UK is often wet).

It’s only my opinion.

I once asked a racing motorcyclist what are the best tyres to use. The answer was whatever you feel are the best because we all ride differently!

I used the dry chain lube but faced the problem highlighted by DanielGT and eezie. Couldn’t tell if it was lubed or not.

I ordered some Wurth chain wax. We’ll see if it’s any better than Dry Lube.

I find a Scottoiler works best for me because you can fill it up and forget oiling for a while and also it lubes whilst moving adding a bit of lube to the rear cog that protects it from more wear by coating it as well. Other advantages are on long rides, long weekends or a weeks holiday you don’t have to carry a can to spray in the morning.

I don’t have a Scott for my VFR though for a couple of technical/mechanical reasons, so on the 800 I use any old spray my local shop sells or I get free with other purchases.

oil …

Every 500 to 1000 miles or if it looks dry, so long as it’s fresh oil whatever happens to be lying around the garage at the time. Applied using a soft brush to minimise fling. Every 5000 miles or so clean it with a goodly spray of WD40 and a soft brush before lubricating.

Engine oil has been my choice of chain lube for the past 20 odd years. As Art said, apply with soft brush and wipe off any extra. For longer journeys I put some oil in a Fruit Shoot bottle and keep it under the seat just in case.

I took the advice of a friend who used Wurth Dry chain lube to try it…wasn’t impressed. Never knew when my chain was dry and needed lubing so started using PJ1 Blue Label. Best chain lube so far, normally I spray it on after a shortish ride (usually rode to work in the morning and lubed it) as it’s recommended to be sprayed on to chain and left for a couple of hours to soak in to prevent flinging off… and when chain is warm it soaks in better :smiley: haven’t yet found a better chain lube than the PJ1 except the Scott oiler :cool:

I clean n lube my chain every weekend or done 300 miles, and 1 night before any rideout, also after rideout. :smiley:

I got a can of this for free with my chain cleaner - I like it because it’s white so I can see where I’ve got it and it doesn’t seem to fling off.

Once that runs out I’ll go back to whatever’s in the shed, which I think is silkolene chain lube

Dry lube for me now. I have found it keeps the chain cleaner and tbh I just squirt some on every week or when the chain gets a bit noisy- not had a problem through the winter.

I like this one as well…

I use this stuff,becouse i can get it in halfords and it works