best British movies number 50

Barry Norman has named his 49 best BRITSH films ever made but is leaving to the public to choose the 50th, so come on LB, what should be on the list that isn’t already?

the list below in in in no particular order as Norman found it impossible to put them in order of merit, but what is missing?

Barry Lyndon 1975, The Lady Vanishes 1938, Black Narcissus 1947,The Ladykillers 1955, The Bridge on the River Kwai 1957, Lawrence of Arabia 1962, Brief Encounter 1945, The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp 1943, Chariots of Fire 1981, Local Hero 1983, A Clockwork Orange 1971, The Long Good Friday 1979, The Cruel Sea 1952, A Matter of Life and Death 1946, The Dam Busters 1954, Monty Python’s Life of Brian 1979, Dr No 1962, Naked 1993, Don’t Look Now 1973, The Railway Children 1970, Dracula 1958, The Red Shoes1948, Four Weddings and a Funeral 1994, The Remains of the Day1993, The Full Monty 1997, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning1960, Gandhi 1982, Secrets & Lies 1995, Get Carter 1971, Sense and Sensibility 1995, Gladiator 2000, The Servant 1963, Great Expectations 1946, Shakespeare in Love 1998, Gregory’s Girl 1980,Skyfall 2012, Henry V 1944, The Third Man 1949, I Know Where I’m Going! 1945, The 39 Steps 1935, if… 1968, This Sporting Life1963, The Ipcress File 1965, Trainspotting 1995, Kes 1969, Whisky Galore! 1949, Kind Hearts and Coronets 1949, Zulu 1963, The King’s Speech 2010

Ferris Buellers Day Off.

That’s a very strange list, I’ve only seen (or even heard of) a handful of them and some of them wouldn’t be in my top 1,000

4 wedding & a funeral - in the top 49 films of all time?! Remind me never to take film tips from the old coot.

Looking at that list they are all UK made films, so I presume the OP has misread the article & it’s his list of the top 50 British films.

indeed, apologies, fixed it!

That is a great film!

My top 3 would be:

Cinema Paradiso. Pulp Fiction and The Big Blue (directors cut)

Sorry Ally, but they have to be British, rediculously I left that out of the OP

It is so different to top 50 from IMDB (check here)


He’s picked quite a few of my favourites, but, I’d also add “The Man in the white suit” and “Alfie” (the original one with Michael Caine) - Very glad to see “A matter of life and Death” on there, classic David Niven and a great story

The Wicker Man.

How could he have left thisGold standard British/Ealing classic out?:

Obscure left field independent Brit movie should have a shout also:Radio On (1979)

Maybe Jarman’s Jubilee (1977) is a contender also.

And 5 of them were directed by Michael Powell. So he is the greatest English film director of all time? I think so. The opening of A Matter Of Life And Death still almost brings tears to my eyes.

I had to have a laugh at Zulu being there. Totally hokum, the real story of Ishlandwana and Rorks Drift has still to be told.

Oops - hmmm…would have to go with Slum Dog Millionaire - think it counts as British

Well I thought Skyfall was crap and am very surprised to see it there, a very predictable and formulaic film which has none of the panache that sadly now seems to have been removed from that series, probably since Craig’s arrival.

Other than that I broadly agree with Norman, but would probably add the very brilliant A Flame in the Streets.

Surprised to find Lean’s Dr Zhivago is classified as American, otherwise that should definitely be on this list.

I would agree. Personally I think Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels is a better film than Skyfall…

Snatch though is far better than LS&2SB

Hmm, possibly. Perhaps LS&2SB being the original gives it that memory of being better… if you know what I mean?

If it’s British Directors he’s talking about…

…Matthew Vaughn’s ‘Kickass’…

…or ‘Harry Brown’ directed by Daniel Barber.

Quaddrophinia! :smiley:

Obviously, Heavens above.