Best Bike Security?

Hmm interesting:) it stops the engine if you start up the bike…

far from best mate. theives rarely give a monkeys about alarms when lobbing the things in vans

also those are US pager systems - they operate on a better frequency which isn’t allowed in the UK. UK versions are frequently poor as a result of the higher frequency they have to use

heh screw that I would just get the US versions, who would know what I have on it… besides I like how it starts beeping when someone gets close to it.

From what I can see these bike thiefs are opportunists and go for the easy option. As JB says, they don’t worry about alarms but if your scoot is firmly chained to something solid they will go for the transportable one next to it.

Save your money and get an Almax or two;)

wot the chunkster said.also bet when you get to your bike you battery will be flat as a pancake.

yeah I can only imagine at the ACE or another busy place, every 10 seconds the alarm will go off…

It’s a sad fact of life that these days people ignore alarms going off and will walk straight past.

true, although the freq will interfere with emergency services comms from what i understand. doubt they’d be able to locate your bike tho

you’ll have to get one imported, and will then might have a bit of bother finding someone to fit…

the other slight issue with the pagers is what happens if you’re say half a mile away and you get a nudge alert? are you going to leave your work/meal out etc and run back to check each time? Only takes them a few mins to get the bike into the van so you’d have to be quick. if its windy/someone innocently nudges you’ll be running out the door every few mins!

only a deranged crack head would nick an rs 125 anyway…