Best bike over pot holes.

Around the Harlow, Essex area the roads are pretty rough and I am getting tired of being continually jolted by the never ending stream of pot holes, sunken drains and badly surfaced roads.

So my question. What bikes (not out and out sports bikes - 500 to 1200cc) will give the smoothest ride over this type of road.

Recently I have owned the following with marks out of 10 for smoothness

Harley Road King - 6,

Suzuki SV 650 - 4

Triumph T100 - 6

I would lean towards another Triumph, perhaps the new Tiger 1050?

Cheers Chris

I’d go for one of them Beemer traily bikes… GS is it?

They have superb suspension for bumpy bits

Yep a BMW should do it or any other on/off road bike like the KTMs or any of the supermotos. You could always adjust the suspension on you current bike to help with the conditions.

I’m biased so I’d say a Honda Africa Twin. Triumph tiger is a great bike though 955i should be a bargain but if you want new the new version is ace - if you’re always going to be on tarmac go fo that one. The KTM is a beast and I’d love one but they need a lot of looking after…

XT66X was great for that just bounced over them