Best animal ever?

The blob fish


Looks like a pokemon haha.

Isn’t this supposed to be in the ‘LB Dopplegangers’ thread? :wink:

Yeah I was gunna say, I had a mental image of it looking like half the people on here. Not me though, no sir :wink:

Why? Nobody on here resembles THAT!!! :w00t:

Looks a bit like Bluelagos:w00t::D:D

Perhaps it should be the ‘Rioting Rob Fish’! :wink: Joke!!!

Nah, I don’t think I’ve every seen Rob not smiling :smiley:
You must know something we don’t mate!

Seriously though, that fish isn’t going to do too well on Valentines Day :frowning:

I’ve dated worse :blush:

:blush: :crying:

bugger me how did you get a pic of me in the morning before I’ve applied all the makeup and had my botox