Best alarm

Hi all.

Any ideas on best alarm and tracker for a cbx400f.



Dump the alarm, just go for a good ground anchor and chain. As for the Tracker, do a search in the general forum there has been a lot of discussion in the last couple of months about the various companies.

+1. I use a Boss disc alarm as a cheap way of making a noise (£75) but use an Almax chain/squire cs lock with ground anchor too.
Trackers seem to be have proven very good, should it go walkabout. (

I will have a chain and anchor at home, but looking for when I’m out. Also I have a cbx 400 and its got that nuts break system so you can’t get to the disk to put a lock on it. Will defanately go for a tracker. But thinking I’m needing an alarm.

I put the Boss “disc” lock through one of the alloy wheel spokes, rather than the brake disc itself. Its basically a small u-lock (with movement sensor alarm) It fits snug around the spoke so gives less space for bolt cutters.

Alarms are not worth the money. They go off constantly when you get on the bike, try and start it, move it in the garage. When you do want to ride your pride and joy it won’t start because the alarm has drained the battery. After a year of this, the battery will be dead and need replacing. Despite this the day it gets stolen, no one will have seen or heard anything.

Good chain, and a tracker.

Alarms - several hundred pounds of wasted investment (sometimes at the insistence of insurance companies, who have absolutely nothing to do with Thatcham).

Yea the boss disc alarm looks great. Been reading about the tracker and seems to be same issue with battery drain.


Forget the alarm

inter webby wotsits
disk lock Xena XX14
carry padlock and chain Squire SS50 close shackle padlock and 14mm x 1.5M chain (cannot be sawn/bolt cropped)
PJB Security more ground anchors and 16mm/19mm chains that can’t be cropped/sawn

Tracker will be your best chance of getting it back should it get stolen

The disk lock looks great, but trouble is I won’t get it round my disks a there covered.

Mine has a longer “U bend”. Must be an older model. Check it will fit around your spoke. Im sure one of the guys that works at HG on here will give you a good deal/advice?