hi guys.

im thinking of geting a beowulf slip on exhasut and they seem to be really good. iw as just wondering if anyone has had any experience of them adn what there views of them are.

Naja pallida

I have the Beowulf Suzuki Warrior on my bike, can’t fault it. Sounds great.What bike are you thinking of putting it on and are you going to do it yourself ?

Your beowolf does look good, but I remember you having problems fitting it.I have blue flame, straight slip on swap.

Yeah, I didn’t expect to have to cut the original pipe is all, got there in the end though. My bike has electrical problems now, you don’t know a good bike electrician do you Andy ?

Unfortunately I dont, sorry. :ermm: Bike maint isnt my forte :slight_smile:

Tony who works for Phil the Bike is a whizz with a razor blade and a tester:)

Just thought, adamh / Gina may be able to help, I vaguely remember them having electrical probs on her bike?!

Cheers Chunks, Tony’s got an SV too, will give him a call today.

Sorry to hijack your post Naja :blush: