Beowulf Vs Fuel Exhausts

Hi guys,

I’m basically in the market for a sub £150 exhaust for the 929. Too many times i’ve had people trying to pull out on me because the bike sounds too quiet! It sounds soul-less, so I’ve been doing a bit of reading up on UK based exhausts and I know both these brands come highly recommended (higher than micron in fact). What is your personal preference for a stainless steel oval can?

I’ve seen a scorpion CF can on ebay, BUT it’s cracked, and you dont need to be a smart materials engineer to figure out that any sort of cracks are bad… especially in CF!

Fuel are doing offers for £124, whereas beowulf do £140 - both are road legal with baffles, whilst beowulf also do stubby. Anybody own either and have soundbites?

Cheers guys


had a beowulf oval stainless for me srad, was good cant say anything bad about it, really was just a stainless oval can, does wot it said on the tin.

Got it for £105 though last yr at the excel bike show, wait till ally pally and see wot they do then.

with the lowered priced cans i would think they really are much different from each other

A friend of mine had a “fuel” exhaust for his Bros 400 a while back and it sounded sweet. I dont know much about the bwlf but i would go with the fuel myself. Good service if i remember correctly and a nice piece of kit. He ordered it from them direct and didnt take long either.


I’ve owned a fuel can before. I had a stubby carbon fuel can on an srad and it blew itself to bits but this would have been down to the nature of a stubby can and how it is subject to more force than a normal length can.

As for a standard length unit, they’re fine and of good build quality. Better than Viper and on par with CCC who are also very good.

Beowulf, as far as I can tell, are as good build quality and made with the same grade of s/s but they do do some fancy shapes. So it’s up to you, looks-wise really. :slight_smile:

big up for beowulf, im on my second. superb service, and lifetime garuntee.

I have a beowulf, sounds awsome baffle in or out, very loud. Lifetime guarantee etc. Highly recommended !! Go for it.