Bennetts pull out of BSB

British Superbike title sponsor Bennetts have today announced they will not be supporting the championship in 2009 in order to focus on other projects…

No great loss there then;):P:D

FFS, i need some prozac

gonna be an interesting season!

Maybe they’re going to pump the resources into their " claims handling " dept :Whistling: :stuck_out_tongue:

No Bennetts babes !!!

Thats it im totally fecked off now

I wonder who will step-in to replace them? The season no doubt needs a title sponsor to continue.

Good job they didnt wait until just before the start of the new season to pull out then - oh

I can`t imagine anyone out there who have the money to sponser the BSB.

although as insurers they are as useful as a chocolate teapot.

the 1st thought I had was oh crap! I think they may have trouble.

What you recon we all get together and it can become LBBSB

It’s possible. Assuming the title sponsorship is a million quid, then that’s about £116 per member. Not bad?

At £116 I’m in, but can I insist we list the LB sponsors in reverse alphabetical order? :smiley:

I think we can save the wailing and gnashing of teth for another day;)

Bennetts have only been title sponsors since 2005 although it does seem longer;)

There was nowt wrong with Think! BSB IMO:cool::smiley:

If we’re sponsors do we get to choose the babes?

If we sponsor it I will demand Julian Ryder gets a job in the commentary box;):cool:

As long as I get a to wild-card at every round on a gixxer :slight_smile: <-- mobile chicane.

Would you be able to carry many ice creams on your Gixxer?;):smiley:

LB could have a fully branded up race team for about 50p per member!!

Here’s wishing…:crying:

quality idea :smiley:

I can appreciate the credit crunch and all that but I tell you what really has pi$$ed me off…

I love it when an LB member pledges to sponsor a young racer to the tune of quite a few quid.

They post on here banging on about how much money they have been making despite this recession.

They then pull out of their sponsorship agreement, pleading poverty and hard times, leaving said racer in the lurch for next season.

You know who you are and you are bang out of order.:angry:

i dont think the BSBis going to such a draw this season, hope that this is not the road to it struggling to survive.:wink: