Just to let you all know, Ben was having pains in his tummy over the weekend,so he pops into hospital monday midday. Next thing he knows they’re taking him to have his appendix out!!! So can we all give him a big LB group hug and wish him well. Get well mate and see ya soon. :smiley:

Get well soon, make sure they take the right bit out :smiley:

You sure he’s not gone in for a c-section, after all he did say something about being 9 months gone :D:D:D

GWS Ben you poor thing :kiss:

Apendix!! yeah right, Ang is right, he’s gone for a c section as he too much of a pussy to have a natural birth :smiley:

Anyway, GWS soon Ben, hope the little un don’t keep you up too much at night :wink: :kiss:

Take it easy fella glad they found it in time mine burst and it wasnt nice. Lay back and enjoy the nurses

Bad news people!!!..

They messed up the charts, and he got a full sex change instead! He would now like to be called Betty, as the only hard-on he’ll ever get from now on will be from another man!.. :w00t: :stuck_out_tongue:

Get well soon buddy!.. :wink:

Get well soon :slight_smile:

Get well soon & Wish him a Speedy Recovery :slight_smile:

remember how painful mine was, had to have mine out on Christmas Day! :ermm:

Get well soon fella and wash your hands in there :slight_smile:

get well soon feller :slight_smile:

GWS :slight_smile:

Get well soon mate manly hug

Good luck fella - hope they find it :stuck_out_tongue:

GWS Ben, too many pies again . . . ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Aww poor lamb, get well soon! X

GWS duchess xx

GWS hun :kiss:

GWS mate

GWS hunny xx

and there was you thinking it was the kebab :wink:

GWS fella