Bemsee Racing 2021

I know @djmrmagic is in Rookie 1000, just wondered if anyone on here racing this season?
A few photos from Round 1 this weekend.


Not racing but there working…Hopefully don’t get to meet you @djmrmagic :ambulance::man_facepalming::joy:


LOL…dunno about racing, more like riding around at the back trying to catch up to the pack, but it was good fun and I enjoyed it, bigger set of balls ordered for round 2 @ Snett!


Good show!

Assuming they’re allowing spectators by then, I may be down at Brands in July & get to see your shiny new big balls in action!

Spectators allowed at Snetterton?

Gav welcome to kip at mine if N’ton is a bit far.

@bluelagos not sure yet, it was only 1 helper, but as things open up next week looks promising

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Well done for even being out there @djmrmagic ! Looking good.

I’d be up for a brands visit as well, only up the road (sort of) for me

respect for anyone with the money and time and balls to get out there a do a series - plus you have to do your ACU licence etc … its not just like enduro where you can get a day licence eh !

outlton in the wet … was there last year and highsided so got unfinished business there !