Bemoto to cover R&G accessories automatically

We’ve partnered with BeMoto to give you a better deal on your insurance!

Crash protection is a vital addition for any motorcyclist, helping to protect your bike in the event of a drop or fall, but we know protection for your pride and joy doesn’t stop there. We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Peterborough-based insurance specialists BeMoto to give you a better deal on your insurance policy!

From February 1st, in an insurance industry first, any R&G crash protection or styling accessory added to your machine will be automatically covered by your BeMoto insurance. That means motorcyclists will no longer need to notify BeMoto when adding any of the R&G range. Any non-R&G modifications will still need to be mentioned.

In the event of an accident, any R&G products needing repair will be replaced like-for-like, ensuring BeMoto-protected bikes are fully covered. Alongside all of that, policyholders who have equipped R&G products to their machine will also be able to enjoy discounts on a range of insurance products, including Trackday and GAP coverage.