Been done before but worth doin again.... where do you hail from?

Been to the Newbie page recently…sorry too lazy to say hi individually to all of you, HI, and to tell the truth, as I didn’t own a bike I felt a little fraudulent representing…

HOWEVER…I noticed tonnes of new faces, but NO idea really of where anyone is based in London town.

So can I be the first to start an old thread theme and give a big shout out to Streatham Hill…any new faces in the area, speak up. Good for hooking up for going to meets or ride outs, or just arranging morning coffees or evening pints…

If not Streatham Hill, sorry cos this is where its happenin dude , then where are you all?

Guildford, not really London at all.

(Bit of a fraud me being on here really but hey, you lot seemed like a nice bunch…)

I is in Hatfield init. But work in West London.


Me an’ Nick are in Harrow.

Hey good to hear from you again Purple. Went to Harrow recently to the Access self store place to buy boxes… almost as nice as Hatfield!

Bromley - just in Greater London. Work in Knightsbridge though.

I’m representing the lovely Kilburn (well ok, it’s not lovely but it’s well located, lol)

London, rotherhithe,

Work on Cannon St … so not to far ;o)

normally see over london bridge around 7:45

Born and bred in Hornsey, but now residing in leafy Cheshunt, Herts

So no bike and not in london, hhmmmmm, makes me a fraud too huh! Well hubby has a Fazer 600, so dont kick me out!!

Near grays, essex.

Live in Chigwell (the posh part )

Work In Loughton, Essex

From the Ghetto, a.k.a. North Peckham… But work in building next to Matt’s.


Representing the Richmond and Twickenham Massiiiiiiiive. Big up to the South of the River Crew. Aiiiiiiii.

Work in Hammersmith for my sins

Live in Hayes and work in White City, also in the building next to Matts…

sout east dartford crew … o and dont work

im a member of the hertfordshire possie so not in london ,from stevenage and sneek around london at night when u r all i sort of qualify

From Tottenham Norf London. Dragged up there and Hornsey and now reside in sunny Hertfordshire. Potters Bar

T and I are in Feltham (not has bad as it sounds, honest!) and I work in St. James’s.

High Barnet now, originally from oooppp norf. Moved darn sarf in 93’. Work near to St pauls

Hampton, LBRuT, and I don’t work either.