Been a long time but I thought I'd say hi

Have not been on hear for a long long time been riding more enduro than road but have missed it so I’m back so hi everyone from Wimbledon


Welcome back! :slight_smile:

Nice ride.

Welcome back, not everything in black and white makes sense :wink:

It does once some carbon has been added lol :crazy_face:

That bike looks beautiful.

Thanks aceman :kissing_heart: :joy:

Captial A for Aceman, please :grinning:

Aceman :call_me_hand:

Welcome back. Nice zebra.

you still got the KTM? :smiley:

@thektmkid @Aceman we not doing acemAn anymore?

I sold her a few months ago just not getting the time to get out with the boys but she will be replaced in a few months as I miss the ridiculous weekend’s away with the boys :grinning:

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Love the numberplate!

That’s a road legal plate ish sort of maybe :thinking: I’d pass the mot with it when it was due one . :innocent:

We must know the same mot inspector… :laughing:

I run my own mot station :innocent:

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