Bearded Dragon Lizards

Hi guys and gals

I just hatched a load of Dragon eggs and I am due to have hatching in 2 weeks or so a load more. I do not want a lot of money for them, offers invited. They average out at around £60-£65 in a reptile shop. I just want the money back that it will cost to feed and home them for the next few weeks, they wont be ready for sale until 10/4/10 and I want them to go to good homes.

The mother of the dragons is a fire and ice worth between £200-£500 I paid £300
The father is a normal dragon, I paid £65

I am hoping to get some normal colour dragons with some red tinges to them, but we will see. They wont be pukka colours I am sure and a pro breeder wont be interested, but they make wicked pets and are not your run of the mill.

Great personality’s and easy to look after, cheap to maintain, kid friendly (my 2 year old nephew loves them and they are not scared of each other).

I live in Southend Essex, can do local delivery for the cost of fuel, or feel free to pop round my place, to buy or just to look and see if interested.

I can also help with getting the viv’s (tanks) to house them in and I can get everything that you will need to look after them, I will do this at cost price so I wont make a bean off of it, but at least I will know that your all kitted out at the same time as buying your new pet.

They hatched in the early hours of the morning so when I get home from work I will put pictures up of Mum, Dad & Babies

Any questions please just PM me or leave a reply.

Remember I wont sell until 6 weeks or 6 inches, whichever comes first, to ensure that you get a healthy Dragon no worries, I have successfully bread many, many times before and the Dragons have always grown healthy and strong.

Anyway, I am talking to much, thanks for reading. Byeeeee!








What, 31 views and not one person is interested, pfft.

can we see pics

bearded dragons are the best pets ever!!! so tame!
sadly i cant deal with crickets :frowning: i hate the lil buggers lol

hope they find a good home mate.

if i didnt mind crickets so much i would buy one :frowning:

I like reptiles, but can’t afford pets right now :frowning:

One bearded dragon at home is enough to look after :smiley:


I used to have geckos, went from not minding crickets and mealworms at all to having nightmares about them :w00t: Kept finding crickets around the house and the occasional mealworm in my shoe…

How they got out was beyond me.

Never again!

Well it’s because some of us are ignorant. You’re going to have to explain to us.

How do we cook them? Are they supposed to be barbequed and eaten with worcester sauce?

Sorry - that was a joke.

I’m vegetarian anyway :slight_smile:

Serious question - what level of commitment does a bearded dragon need? Do they travel well in my motorcycle rucksack?

Can I bring mine on holiday with me, or do I need a passport?

What about pet insurance in case mine bites a toddler or the head of someone’s pet Jimmy Cricket? :blink:

Ewwww @ eating them.

I never feed mine crickets anymore. Did for a week when the little chap was 5 weeks old but never again. He’s now 7 1/2 months and has a staple diet of either roaches or locusts.
Cool pets but mega lazy!

Just read all these replies.

Ginger - I will try and put pics up, before the night is over.

They are a piece of cake to look after, and not costly, but yeah they do eat bugs, crickets, locust or worms or various descriptions. I find crickets are a pain in the arse and locust are a lot nicer and easier to handle.

So all those that dont like crickets can avoid them with locust.

Dr P - They are so cheap and are great pets, cheap to maintain and feed, and can even set them up with cheap tanks etc, I can help with that

GSXRAng - I have 18 lizards and did have a snake until it sadly passed away, but will get another, can never have too many reptiles

Scooter assassin - your not ignorant, people are always cooking them wrong, i deep fry the little ones, and bbq the big ones. lol. In answer to your serious questions, if indeed they are serious, I have never tried to get a passport for a dragon, not sure on how you would do this, my adult male Cooper loves to travel in the car, and on my bike, but he is an exceptional lizard and a bit of a nut job, not sure any of the others would manage it quite as well as him, seriously he does everything with me, we got kicked out of tesco the other day.

Vala - None of my dragons are lazy, they are quite the opposite, they run around happy and freely all day everyday, and have very distinct and individual personalities.

Cheers for the replies all of you.

PM’d :smiley:


Pics please! If I could pull it off, I’d wayyyyy prefer to travel pillion with a lizard than with imaginary friends! :hehe:

Why would you get kicked out of Tescos? Your lizard wasn’t in pyjamas or something was he? In any case, he’s probably more warm-blooded than the Tescos staff.

A few more questions ignoramorum: where do you get the food? I don’t do cockroaches very well, nor do I do other bugs, which is why I’d like a lizard to eat them up. Is it okay to let lizards live in the house like a cat, so that they can go and come as they please? Or do they just vanish? :frowning:

Whereas I like lizards…I’m not too keen on what they eat. That would give me PTSD thinking about feeding a lizard. Mine might end up starving if I had one. Can’t they eat vegetables or something else?

r u winding me up?

Pictures added.

Ohh piccies, so beautiful1!!


No. I told you I was thick when it comes to cold blooded things!

Crikes. Just saw your images.

This one:

I’m going to get nightmares with this. He looks quasi-humanoid!

I don’t think I’m going to cut it. That little buddy freaks me out!!

I need something furry and warm. God I miss my cat :frowning:

Ok these guys are ready to sell. They are selling really quick which is great coz I wont have the space for them soon as I am moving, so if you do want one please let me know.

Also if someone wants one and is prepared to do me a favour then I can give them away, I need something picking up from Canary Wharf and bringing to Southend, said item will need picking up from Canary Wharf at approx 4pm Mon-Fri next week. Its a longshot but if anyone can help and wants a dragon, then the deal is on the table.

Cheers guys.