Beakfast Club Ride (4th May)

Sorry for the late notice.

Be fuelled and ready to leave at 8.30am from here:,190403&st=4&ar=Y&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf]

see ya there george:cool:

Whats the beakfast club?:hehe:

Woo Hoo:D:D

see you there!:D:D

Ah, but are you gonna beat yourself up this week Ratty?:blink:

See U in the morning :slight_smile:

You know the deal “Last-one-there’s-a-ninney!”:smiley:

I will try my best.

That was a joke!:stuck_out_tongue:

he dont need to beat himself up cos his got us for that:D

btw ratty try not to go over any nails N screws:P

well once again, cheers for a top rideout fellas, twas lots of fun!, my lid. leathers and bike are smothered in dead midges and flies!!:D:D

and i feel my riding is getting better! my lines are gettig much better just gotta work on my turning in points.

cheers duuuudes!:D:D

sorry we didnt get to see you all today but some hanker could not get out on time so we were late,hope you all missed the camera man in the bushes going through dunmow, we had an escort from finch all the way back to leaden rodings boy could he ride that bmw, just think of it 9 bikes following him must have been fun to watch, mate if you read this thanks it was very enjotable by ALL of us, ive got some pics to go up later when i get back from the ace.

:w00t: fecking hope so!

I’ll second what Ratty said, a great ride out, I’m still picking wildlife out of my lid now, but in all it was a great ride.As a noobie, i throughly enjoyed it, a steep learning curve but it was all good, cheers for the patience all and I definately look forward to another ride!

(and I hope that the camera-man’s camera didnt flash at me!)

Ratty, good lines taken are just part of a jigsaw puzzle. You cannot take good lines without the rest of the puzzle. Before getting on the correct line for a corner will require you to know where you need to end up. If you dont look far enough up the road, you cannot plot a course (your line) along it. Andy cites below a demo by a Traffic Plod below. I have spoken about this with Andy this evening. This guy can (the cop) ride how he does cause he has a plan in his head. In this case he’ll know the road, I’m sure. But he knows where he wants to end up, and his chosen course to get there will dictate his positioning on the road. His positioning on the road will determine the speed he can travel safely. All of this hangs on one thing “Information”. He took in the information by looking further up the road than we do.

All of us need to get some more training. Advanced Training. The information is out there on the roads to help us all go faster safely. The trouble is, we dont recognise the info cause we dont know what to look for…:wink:

As we round this or any bend, if we look from A to Z we can make a plan to straight-line the whole section. If we only look as far as B or C your planning will be taking in corners that perhaps need not be negotiated.



good to see ratty going over to green,

some pics of today, i wish i could be smooth on the bends like this guy has shown us all today.

one pic of on the way there opps, [ what bend ] if you see this pic mate dont worry we are emailing it to you

We had a man go down here too (last pic) :frowning: Who hasn’t been caught out on that corner, even when you know it!:blink:

His Gixxer6 went rear wheel first into that pole holding the chevron sign. The force mullered the rim very badly both sides. Thankfully it was his bike not him!:pinch:

I have been taking this bend very, very carefully in recent times cause the road surface a really mullered on the inside edge. Any meaningful apex takes you across horrid ripples. With the bike leant over the suspension travel is in the wrong axis to cope. The sooner the corner gets Shell Gripped the better…an airfence would be good, too!:cool:

We were looking very much like this yest: