Be aware ...........

If you do hit something make sure that when you ride off you take everything with you !?!?!?!,91059-1280003,00.html

i am sure you would know if you were legless

oooh - ouch - and i’m talking about the pun!

fooking ouch.

corr sod that, see a video clip with a crash, fella loses his leg…not nice…

Oooh, that’s gotta sting!

The news article said that he only noticed when he had to stop at a junction, now I know this might not be something to laugh about but am I the only one who had a picture in his head of the guy pulling up to a junction, going to put his foot down and …crunch!!

Is that cruel or genuinely funny?!?

If it was his right leg, applying the back break must have been tricky . Wonder if he dropped the bike???

That’s exactly the picture I had in my head!

another reason why we should use the back break…

Thats one way to get your knee down

One of the guys at work in Hatfield lost his big toe going round a left hander (narrow lanes) he had his feet splayed out with runners on. Came against a car that was on his own side of the road and clipped his bumper. Like the guy in Japan he didn’t know it was gone until he stopped!!!

Sorry but could just see him going to put his foot down and falling over pmsl…

Hope he is ok other wise