Well , Saturday night is fast approaching and I thought it may well be a good idea to start a " roll call " for the BCWII post event " celebratory " meal organised by our very own Sincere on Saturday night at " Stranded "

So , come on guys , who is makng an appearance on Saturday night to join in the revelment and debauchery ???

:cool: Simon ( plus " Mrs Milleman " :wink: )

me ill be there

debaucary… but i thought there was only 3 courses :w00t:

I’m going to

yeah i’m there…

do i get to finally meet you then

I waved at you when I walked pass but I think you were sulking at the time :smiley: Who did I give my pink BCW hat too, some chap with handlebar moustache I think. I was a bit spaced on painkillers at the time :slight_smile:

after looking at the mugshots, it was TDM:)

im going not sure if by bike or train yet.what end of the strand is it ?

Mr and Mrs Barro for sure.:slight_smile:

It is about 60 yards from my office half way between Charing Cross and Waterloo Bridge. Charing Cross is the nearest Tube, Nell Gwyn is the nearest pub.