BCW Team Shirts.

I know this is not the preffered forum for pics but its the first shot of the final design of this years Team Shirts so…

With the final Design Credit going to Stace and Uber (Quality Work Fellas) here is the very first off the press and I hope you like them !!




wheres the .com of lb? id like a small pweese!

nice work guys - can i have a giant size one please

looks sweet! how do we go around about sizes?

Looking good mate! Glad to see this is all coming together! Only wish I had my bike on the road

Sizes are M / L / XL / XXL and they will be available to you all first thing on Richmond Park.

No ".com " Im affraid…advertising contracts would have been just to bigger pain in the Arris !!!

look good though ??

Did we not have to order our sizes when we registered??

remember you are going to wear these over leathers, so will need bigger unless you are not wearing leathers.

now they look better then the other ones

How big are the Xes in XXL? My smallest jacket has three Xes!

How big are the Xes in XXL? My smallest jacket has three Xes!

How Big are the X,s ??

You kidding me ? or You smoking the carpet mate !!

Im trying my best to get an additional order for custom made ones but its going to be a close cut thing with time. I have Emailed Breakthrough Managment and they are trying hard to make us happy.

great looking shirts.

Like it Like It Like It I need XXL or just HUGE

No Mate…your a “Custom Candidate”

Still feel’in it big time

i reckon I’d be a candidate for custom as well

looks a lovely t-shirt there barro

Don’t worry Barro - I am sure I can lose a few stone in a couple of weeks!

i was sure we put the sizes on the registration as well, but either way i need a xxx marquee size, looking good barro