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If there is anyone that hasnt registered their interest then please PM me.

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Breakthrough 8th September 2007

As you all know from a few Threads in the Forums Breakthrough have welcomed us with open arms and I have the “Go Ahead” to put together a Team to Marshall the Event again.

This Post will be where you will find all your Information as it comes to me with the Progress Updates, Team Listings, Times and Meeting Points all added as soon as they are finalised.

This years Event is not unlike the last with Thousands of Walkers making their way through the Route but with a few very important differences.

This year the Event will take place over One Day and Not Two! What this means to us as a Team is that there will be an enormous number of people taking part and on the Route, A lot more than last year as a major number of Entrants could only make the one day or decided against the over night Camp !!

Remember =

Last year we had Two days…It helped that we could get together and Iron Out any little mistakes we may have made on the first day at the Camp and made sure it didnt re-occur.

This year we have no such luxury…everything has to be planned and executed perfectly over the one day.

The Route itself has not been finalised but it is without doubt the Majority of it looks like its going to be right through the Heart of Central London which means very very busy with a lot of added legislation effecting us.

The Numbers Involved, The Group Insurance Policy, The Dispatchers, The First Aid Plan, The Marker Points, Markers, Sweepers, Communication Set Up and the Final Congregation Plans all have to be looked at and discussed so its very early days.

The first way in which Id like some help is for those of you that are interested in being on the Safety/Marshalling Team is to prevent me having to trawl through the posts and “PM” me…Just a plain and simple PM to register your interest…no questions please as I have no details to tell you as yet, they will all be added to this post.

(I,ll compile the list and post it at a later date.)

(I dont yet know how many people are required…please keep that in mind )

There is an Events Update Meeting on Tuesday the 13th of March in the Holborn Offices of Breakthrough, I am not attending this but the Events Co-Ordinator will supply me with a Progress Report not long after and this is where you will see it !!

Last Year was an Outragous Success…

More than we all ever hoped to achieve and Im sure you will all repeat it !!