Thank you all for doing what you did…there is no words to describe how you looked and made people feel…

very very emotional for me to have witnessed you all at work and the way the thousands took to you.

Thank you and stayed tunned for the next Barro installment !!..:wink:

Thank you Barro it was a privilege to be part of the weekend.


and well done barro for orginasing it pehaps next time we do something like that have a few more bikers so we can have a break lol

i hit my pit at 8pm last night and was talking to my bird then fell aslleep why talking to her

Ha ha…your “bird” 5 mins and already, shes HIS !!! (and this time its NOT a seagull) luv ya Ginge !

same as cheers everyone

just got this from the breast cancer website take a look