BCR this Sunday the 22nd.

08:00 meet leaving 08:15.

Usual place. :slight_smile:

Not for me m8, I’m helping out at the Advanced Motorcycling - Introduction Day - for Dries. I’ll be checking participants documentation and making tea while you poor brastads are tear-assing around the countryside! You sucka’s:P

Have fun teacher :smiley:

Coffee two sugars :wink: :smiley:

No show from me either, Ninja died of electrical failure again Tuesday:angry:

You’re not having much luck lately.

Hope you get it sorted quickly & cheaply :slight_smile:

I aint qualified to teach anyone Advanced stuff you ninney. They’re only having me help out getting ppl booked in/make tea/sweep up :smiley:

Coffee two sugars :wink: :smiley:

I had you pegged as someone being clever…are you sure you wanna take the p1ss outa someone preparing your food and drink?:blink: Big mistake mista!:stuck_out_tongue:


same on mine, it disintegrated 3 main fuses in 10 minutes, Bloody dealer and his power washer :crazy:

Oh sh1t!:blink: Did you break you bike to stop me having a go on it?:angry:

I rode by the rounderbout just before 8.15 and no one was there!

Due to it pi55ing down we went out an hour later & all the roads were dry :slight_smile:

Oi, were meant to be hardy SM riders?:smiley:

My mate that’s just got the Firestorm hasn’t found all his bike kit yet so he was in leather jacket jeans & trainers, plus I was happy to have an extra hour in bed.

So we are lightweights then!:smiley: