BCR this Sunday 19th.

As it says, usual time & place.

Got to do daughters footie match in Rochford so no show pour moi!!!:angry:

I should be there, will text you otherwise ( friends birthday sat night )

not for me im afraid unless that is if i can sneak up, get away and get home before my girlfriend wakes up on her birthday :PIf i do it, there’s some bcr spirit if i ever saw it!!!

I noticed quite a lot of dead stuff on the roads on Friday morning. More foxes, squirrels, pigeons and god knows what squished on the roads then usual. There is always a bit of road-kill out there but just seemed to be more then usual on Friday.

There’ll prolly be a lot more out there tomo!:pinch:

Well I’m out. I’m up and ready, switched my phone and a got message from my sister saying she needs digging out the shite…

Nice quick run, thanks guys :slight_smile:




Whats the second image of Motodrb? Has a car gone hedgerow surfing?:blink:

No, the DRZ binned it on the gravel. Oops.

He’s OK though.

There is always gravel on that corner,been there for as long as I’ve been heading towards Toot Hill:D

Yeah I had a brown trouser moment with Ratty right behind me watching and laughing, didn’t particularly see anything on the road but the front tyre gave a little and create a nice back-end wobble.

Scary, but interesting.

48 avg mph on the way there Broady, my fastest run yet…mile by mile, inch by inch…and still a top speed of…well I think it involved a 2 and a 9 so I am guessing 29 mph…I am sure it was only that.

Looking forward to breaking 50 though, I am getting closer…today’s run I really thought I had done it was gutted to see just 48, still some parts I could push it faster on, mainly the straights, I just don’t open it up enough.

Ah, but didnt you say the other week that you go a different way to The BCR route?:wink:

oi!! There’s no mathmatics on the bcr :angry: crank that mofo open… then pay ya £50 to brian:D

Since when did the BCR become a timed run? I’m shore the local residents would love this post as evidence against Speeding bikers in there area.

Yeah I was going to say, I don’t recognise that place with the gravel above, not a corner I take.

Yep, I didn’t recognise it, but I have only been using that road for about 18yrs!:blink: I normally see it coming from the right and turning left towards the camera. But that route is mainly for the tards and would add a fair bit of time to the ride. That time we saw you in Thaxted you went past the petrol station wityh it on your left. The BCR only goes to that petrol station to refuel the tards, we approach it on our right!:stuck_out_tongue:

This must be why those guys leave before us, but we appear at finch before em, I thought it was the re-fuelling stop, but sometimes they left quite a way ahead and I thought it odd that the refuelling would take that long.

It might be this additional bit of route that takes them out of the way and allows us to saunter past.

See a bunch of moto guys up there Sunday afternoon, one was on an orange KTM that did look like KTMartin had borrowed it for a short trip through a lake, caked in mud, as was the rider, but they were just passing and didn’t stop so couldn’t see who they were or whether they were from here.

Actually got some film of them going by, as I filmed the run on Sunday, but it is split second stuff.

Its the left turn towards Theydon Mount and then on to Toot Hill,only suitable for retards:w00t: