BCR Sunday 13th

As it says, usual place leaving 08:00.

Hopfully we’ll get a few more than last week.

Go on you know you want to. :slight_smile:

You will have a PM in 2 mins.

For some reason the date is putting me off…:w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t:

i might be there…

Be square or be there, forget the superstitious crap & get out there. :smiley:

See you at 8.00.

I think I found some of the BCR route this morning…if I did I can well understand people slipping up while trying to keep up, were some hectic bends out there and I was on my own.

If I can get up for 8am I will try and be there tomorrow, I think my tyres could do with another morning of scrubbing.

No promises though, 8am is pretty early and England are playing later so I might end up getting hammered, depends on how the game is going.

was out today too, be carefull, just before FF they are resurfacing the road, loose stone chips, lots of em! and also on the HH route as well, watch out for the signs!

I’ll be at roundabout at 7am but going green laning with steve and rob :slight_smile:

Just came back from my Essex ‘Ride’ course ( went on BCR route to and from Colchester :slight_smile: ) and I’m so tired after all day on the bike.
At the moment I’m out :frowning:

Now You really make me want to go tomorrow, will text you in the morning if going.
If not, will see you at High Beach later.

I’m finishing work at 7am in Docklands area, anyone coming from that direction so I can meet someone on route as I get lost easily please?

I’ll be on the Jetstream ride, so will be missing this one!

Had a good ride today, just Pogie & me turned up. Nice & flowing & a good pace with no stopping & waiting. :slight_smile:

Mr plod was at Finchingfield offering assesed rides. So off I went with mr plod in tow, waiting for a heap of critisism that suprisingly never came. I thought he was going to tell me I was an antisocial menace to society & should sell my bike for the saftey of all other road users. :smiley:

Also they were making a TV program for channel 5 about bike safety etc & would I mind if they filmed us from a following car. I said I didn’t mind but I didn’t think they’d be able to keep up in their new Fiat 500. :smiley:

Got interviewed in front of the camera afterwards so I probably look like a right tit, no change there then. :slight_smile:

It’s well worth doing (no not looking a tit in front of a camera) as you always learn something. :slight_smile:

Did you ride at your normal pace?

He told me speed limits were to be stuck too. So I rode exactly as I normally would but keeping to all speed limits, not just the one’s in villages. :slight_smile: Oh & no wheelies! :w00t:

So you actually rode quicker this week!:P:D:cool::w00t: Were they at all interested in your bike (i.e if I took the plop)?:smiley:


They didn’t say a thing about the bike or my visor. But I did need mirrors so I knew where he was & to look out for him indicating where he wanted us to turn off. I was on the Duke & he did comment about it being “a nice bit of kit”. :slight_smile:

The assumption with any Observed Ride/Drive is that we’ll get criticised. That should never happen because those considering taking up extra training would never do so if they got ripped to shreds. I would imagine any real safety issues in our riding/driving would be pointed out and the rest would be encouragement.

So now that you’re a TV Star will you be charging us to attend The BCR?:D:hehe::blink::cool::w00t:

TV tit more like.:slight_smile: Oh & I won’t be charging but I wouldn’t say no to being bought breakfast. :smiley:

Hey, I’m not paying for something that dont ever arrive!:stuck_out_tongue: Or has my Rita been a naughty girl and given you your breakfast in my absence?:blink: