BCR - Sunday 10th August

Leaving the usual spot at 8am.

Any takers?

No 125’s please.

no can do this weekend will be out next week:P

have fun ppl

I’ll be there again:)

Until then I can practice my lines using youtube…

29 06 2008 B1057 Steeple Bumpstead to Finchingfield (not me obviously :w00t: )


weather dependant im in :smiley:

No can Do, Im working tomorrow…Sorry Kids, have a good one , keep the bikes right side up and Remember, Ya cant get round those bends as quick as a Moto;):D:D

You’ve been sharpening up your lines, I noticed that last week!:cool:

I no-can-do this week either I’m afraid. I’ll try to bring The Riot out next weekend tho!:w00t:…If I awake early like this morn, I might just do Theydon Mount etc;)

Pls get in touch with JD. I told him that you be doin’it!

Another great BCR.

Thanks to all 5 that turned out.:smiley:

Is that a new tagline moonshine? :wink:

Very appropriate! Dont you think?

They’rrrrrrrrrrrrrrre Grrrrrrrrrrrrreat!

Cheers for the ride chaps - got back and went for a ride around this flat im looking at and got home JUST before the monsoon started in the city!

Until next week…

You Gotta Bin it to be in it!!! :smiley:

Mmm, very original!:stuck_out_tongue:

Good to see the Riot back in action, Sneaky. . . I knew it was back on the streets of London, I heard it bombing along . . I was in Manchester at the time :wink:

Sing along - there’s only one Riot!

Yes there is only one Riot, The Original piece of Art :D:D:D

Too many wannabeees out there :w00t:

Fanx RF.:cool: A true fan you are too. Always positive about The Riots Return…sounds like a Public House in a northern soap opera!:smiley: The Riot has been really please you stuck with it. It was friggin fuming with me tho. It tried to kill me when I took it off the stand its been perched on all these months! I-kid-you-not!:blink:DR, I’m getting very worried about that MoonshineZZR, he’ll be trying to get a sun tan and trading up from his Merc to an Audi A8 next!:stuck_out_tongue: I keep telling him that “Carlsberg dont make bikes, bit if they did, they peel the sticker off’em and cover’em in rust!”:wink: Whilst he’s nicking ID’s, we’ll ask Chunky Monkey if we can call MSZZR Cheeky Monkey!:smiley:

Thats Spooky:w00t:, thats all I’m saying:cool:, Peeps can be very touchy so I’ll keep my opion and sense of humour to myself :cool::cool:

That’ll be a first!:smiley: