BCR Sun 16 Jan.

Any plans for ride-out this Sunday ?

*edit; Sorry Allan :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep :slight_smile:

But they don’t include going out on the bike - you’ll be pleased to hear :smiley:

No one for BCR so doing short loop in Herts. Twisty , small lanes good for supermotos :slight_smile:
Bit later start , 10 am at South Mimms Services. PM me if interested.

I’ll have some! Please confirm BCR or South Mims. I on spare mob so I dont have many phone numbers.

BP at South Mimms Services, leaving 10 am.

Alex Gold seems to think he saw you around 11.30am somewhere south of Saffron Walden, we think he was hallucinating.:smiley:

Thanks for coming Sneaky.

We were in Hitchin around that time.

Yo Jizz, they were Stunt Doubles…(rhyming slang in my case! :smiley: ).

I bet it was your double doing any stunts, not you.:P:D


Talking of which, when I bought The Plop I didn’t mind that it was scabby cause I could learn to do wheelies on it (bound to be the odd disaster). That was 8yrs ago!:blush: Since then I have been saying when I put a new clutch in I’ll learn to wheely it. After 3yrs of a slipping clutch I had that replaced in Dec 10. I best get on with it now hadn’t I…Nurse!:hehe:

You of all people know that i spend all my time trying not to fall off it…please let me learn one thing at a time!:smiley: