BCR (a slow one for me)

I’m prolly having a lil’BCR tomo if anyone fancies a trundle? I have to put some miles on another new engine rebuild. Nice slippy back lanes should be the order of the day!:w00t:

Are you retarding?

Yes m8!

Well, we got a lil’bit of tarding in before the conditions caught us out. Ice in 5 degree’s!:crazy:

Having the bike back was brilliant, I feel complete again Wrestling a tarmac rippling 39hp around the lanes has been a long time missed!:w00t:

And what a thing of beauty, please dont be cross with me, someone has to own it!:cool:



Pleased for you matey :slight_smile:

Conditions not up to much then? Was considering a bimble one day during the week :ermm:

Thank m8!:wink:

I thought it was gr8 fun out there. The ice we hit was well sighted, but I kept telling myself that “it cannot possibly still be icy out here”. I only slowed down thinking “this is silly slowing down, but better to be safe” etc. I just about kept it shiny…well, rusty side up. I’d still be out there now given the choice! But I was the lucky one…:pinch: