BBC in WSB confusion - Result spoiler

See this link and spot the mistake…help if reporter read their own words before finishing the article!

It was a tough weekend for JT, some excellent racing - the move he pulled on Nori in the 1st race was reminescent of the Hodgson/Walker battles in BSB!

Biaggi nearly had Bayliss in race two, just got a bit too close on one corner and then lost time after running off line. Great recovery from JT after binning it - should proboably have used bike 2, after knackering bike 1 in Superpole crash.

Magny-Cours next weekend - Eurosport is the only place to be!!

Come on JT!!

No…Come on Nori!

I really hope Nori does it for himself and for Yamaha…Finally!

well now that Toseland is off to the GPs, as long as the dukes don’t cr8p all over the rest I’m hoping that he will finally get what he deserves…goooowon Nori!