BBC breakfast getting islands mixed up

Just watching it live and around 7.40 they wanted to introduce a story on the IoM… Had to do a double take as I’m pretty sure she said bikers flocked to the isle of wight! :smiley:

Now want to rewind to check if I heard correctly but I can’t

Muhahaha, I have rewind! Yes, you are correct. It seems the BBC will be covering some kind of TT event in the Isle of Whight - while the rest of use watch the Isle of Man TT.

If I were a gambling man I’d wager the real culprit to be a geographically challenged Autocue Data Entry Technician!

So where’s this Isle of Whight?

Isla St Claire apparently recently remarried Bryan Ferry following her divorce from Barry White. She is to be known as Isla White-Ferry.

Just a bit ahead of themselves…

Nothing to see here

So they, the Isle of White Tourist Board/Council want to tap into a TT style revenue stream, they just overlooked the two main ingredients

  1. Road racing is prohibited by Law on their roads
  2. Their tarmac is not up to supporting 200 mph race speeds
    Another ass out the window ‘wouldn’t it be good if’ council ideas /shakes head

Their tarmac is not up to supporting MUCH less than that - have you tried it? Makes most Sunday gravel-runs seem smoooooth :slight_smile:

Those were the days