It was good to see BB2.75 back on the road last night. Hope to see the jetstreams back up to full speed soon.:slight_smile:

Checked the oil this morning and it was all there, new tax disc installed and on the battery charger untill the end of October by which time this running malarky will be over. :slight_smile:

poor julie,she’s a biker not a jogger:Whistling:

Nah, she’s reallly a swimmer;)

and then there’s poor Nina, never gets her sunday rest,

BB2.75 is using oil again.:crazy:

Not sure how much yet, I`ll have to run a blind control trial. ( science teacher stylee)

Had to add 150 ml after a 200 mile ride to Chichester and on returning from west Yorkshire the next day, 540 miles there was no sign of oil on the stick but plenty of smudge on the tail pipe.

Popped in another 150 ml Monday morning as it was all I had left and it showed as a drip on the bottom of the stick.

Then noticed a cut in my front Road Pilot 3 through to the fibres.

So it`s a new tyre, oil change and accurate oil monitorage before returning to the land of Sandy’s fathers.

Watch this space.

Dont forget to sponsor me for the LAA half marathon, Im old, tired and prone to heart attacks, that aside, I`m a Whippet ready to run.

oh no, that dont sound good, hope its not to serious. would be a bitch loosing her to wales again, now the weather is sorted. fancy sammy millers on sunday?

I’d consider the replacement engine option if you are sick of the hassle. Perhaps Ricky can sort you out. Shame you can’t track down the original bike and do a heart transplant on that.

First priority tyre, we have offered ourselves to Giuliano tentatively but need a good run to assess oil consumption.

How`s yer 60 year old bride feel about this?

as long as the suns out ,shes up for sammy millers museum :smiley:

I have wanted to have a look round it for ages.

I though the priority was a good run to assess oxygen consumption!

If you want to look round the museum, go on a not sunny day, you can be in there for ages! It was only £5 to get in last time we went in, we usually go for lunch and not the museum. However when we know how the weekend is shaping up we will see. Sometimes Mr Miller himself is there for a chat, and you need to check their website before rocking up as sometimes they have events on which cost to get in and are mobbed apparently. Watch this space.

Sammy was out riding one of the old bikes around the car park 2 weeks ago. It’s £6.90 to get in the museum.

As Chris says, the food is goooooood lots of naughty cakes and tasty dinners esp the Sunday roast.

Good update Ang, we obviously went in the museum longer ago than we thought.

PS forgot to mention it scores quite well on the little waitress scale.

And they have Alpacas:)

Time to upgrade…A Honda CBF1000 with ABS, fsh, topbox, scotoiler, crash bungs and heated grips.

Available for a give away price to a good home…

Can do payments over long period if it helps…as I don’t need the cash upfront.