This amazing $950 black box of tricks adds traction control to many available street bikes out there.

This is a cool video showing how to install and use one on a GSX-R 1000. Quite funny in places too.

The presenter sounds like he’s got a cold and that he may have been spending a lot of time in the States :hehe:

I managed 40 seconds before turning it off because his voice was so irritating … I doff my cap to anyone who sits through half an hour of it

Yeah his voice is a little too Anglo American :slight_smile:

Nice video. Informative and has some nice track clips as well! Hrm, traction control on a street bike. I’d like that :slight_smile:

the next power commander they bring out will probably have it built in somehow

It likely won’t be built in because not everyone will want it and the cost of the basic unit would go up in price considerably.

I’m sure Dynojet are already working on another module for the current PC-V to add traction control though.