Battery Powered Trickle Charger?

Hello everyone,

This has got me stumpted.

My bike is kept in an underground carpark (no sun light), with no power outlets.

And the bike has a tracker on it.

Sooooo… conventional trickle chargers that plug into a wall socket are no use, or solar either. And removing the bike’s battery - to charge in my flat - means no tracker.

Is there anything I can buy to maintain the battery that uses self contained power?

Fingers crossed

No idea if this will work, but possibly a high-capacity leisure battery (or 2) either linked via tender to the battery or via an inverter to a trickle charger to your bike.

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A leasure battery connected to the bike via a dc-dc converter is what you want.

It’s the same setup that campervans use to charge the leisure batteries from the engine, so that sorry if shop will sell the bits you need.

Or just buy a second bike battery and swap them over every couple of weeks (i presume it can last 2 weeks without needing to charge).

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It should last several months without a charger or being run, even through winter.
And if you are parking over winter it might be easier to just take the battery indoors if you are worried.

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Genius. Thank you, I’ll look into this.

Thanks guys - never heard of a leisure battery before.

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