Battery-powered light

Hi all,

I’ve finally got myself a garage! Yay!

But the only thing is, there’s no electricity in there, and no way of getting any. Can anyone recommend a decent battery-powered light that I could put in there to help me work on the bike when the dark nights start closing in again?

Construction-wise, it’s breeze-blocks and concrete; there’s no wood to screw anything into. Presumably I could fix a lamp to pretty much anything with the right sort of adhesive, though.

I’ve had a look on teh interwebz, but everything seems to be tiny, low-powered and require solar panels to be mounted on the outside of the garage. I don’t want any of that (mainly because if a would-be thief saw a solar cell, his interest might be piqued).

Any suggestions?

Chars! :slight_smile:

If the solar jobbies aren’t too pricey spenny (and are bright enough) - you could couple of batteries - have one at home on charge and one “in use” in the garage - just keep the solar cells on your bedroom windowcill and pick up the fresh battery whenever you’re going to be doing any work

Robert’s your mum’s brother as they say

Light your own farts? ;):P:D

Hehe… that’s not very constructive is it?

just get a work shop light that attaches to a battery, find an old car battery or summat and clip it on.

this sort of thing:

we use 1 in the house when we have a power cut, attaching it to a power pack.

Car battery x 2 as above, with some 12v lights…or get a generator?

The lamp-and-car-battery idea is a really good one. That’s what I shall do!

Until then, if I do any work at night, I shall have to make sure I have my Zippo.

Cheers, peeps!

…until you see how bright it is

bright enough i reckon and you also run it off your bike battery, just dotn flatten it, lol

plenty of people through car batteries out, thery might be no good to start a car but should do fine for a light for a while, when goes find another, lol

We have some of these, not these Draper ones but similar just charge them up indoors, got ours from Costco for £20 each

my mate got a secong hand generator fairly cheap. could be worth hunting for one of those