Battery bolt size

Does anyone know, please, the size of the battery bolts for a Unibat ULT 1B lithium battery or something similar (its an offroad bike). I think it is smaller than M6 (so maybe M5 something). I don’t have the existing ones at home to measure and want to get spares. The spares I have for my Street Triple are too big (wide).

Generally I’d expect an M6 x 13 mm bolt which is typical for Yuasa, Varta, Motobatt etc. However, if M6 is too big battery terminal bolts are also available in M5 x 10, 12 or 14 mm lengths depending on how many additional ring terminals you want to attach.

Thanks. Yeah, I don’t think there are any smaller than M5, so I’ll go with that and the 10 or 12mm. Just wanted a second opinion before splashing out my £7. These bikes can’t really support accessories anyway.