battery advice

want to stick a quality battery in the r1 - currently one discharged fully before when i went on hol so have my doubts about the current one. apparently you can do much better for cold start/battery life than the stocker?

standard is 12V 7Ah i think. what can you get, how much better is it and whats the damage?

Try these


Left my R6 for about 3 months and the battery fully discharged…Thought it was permanently damaged but as I was selling the bike, was reluctant to buy a new one.

Charged the battery out of the bike for like a week on one of those optimate style chargers and battery was fine afterwards.

I’d suggest you fully charge the battery overnight, out of the bike and see how you go before buying a new battery as your bike is still pretty new (2006 think).

Can lend you the Optimate if you need.

Have you got an Optimate or similar?

The problem is that the manufacturers these days fit the smallest battery they can get away with to save space and weight.

Would car drivers put up with a new battery going flat after a week? Grrrrrr

thanks afro. do have an optimate as it goes.

the currently battery seems fine to be honest, its holding charge and showing a healthy 13-14 odd volts. i’ve got the optimate but no where to hook it up at home. have got hold of a spare hardwired clip so i run it into the tail and hook it up easily for in future, and guess i’ll stick it on for the day in the office from time to time to be on the safe side.

the optimate can do a full desulphinate jobbie but it means removing the battery/disconnecting it from the bike which i cant really do for security reasons.

so given the size of the battery you cant really get much improvement in Amp Hours etc over the stocker? i’ve no problem with not spending cash on fluff all if thats the case…

Yeah…I have an Optimate now but I used a cheap Halfrauds jobbie to charge the R6 battery. It works in a similar way to the Optimate.

Oh and 24 hours with the battery off the bike won’t affect your security adversely…There is a backup which can last two weeks apparently.

speak to me on weds about that mate - it does…

Hmmm…You out on Friday?..I’m off to Cadwell on Wednesday


Once your battery has dischaged completely like yours did then you’ve probably lost the best of it, even if you do put it on an optimate, if the plates warp then touch you can short the battery and its kaput!

no real benefit over a gel one to be honest unless you intend on putting your bike on its side, they do say that its better in colder conditions but never had a problem with good old acid batterys to be honest.

get yourself a decent battery Yuasa or alike for the winter but dont worry about it for now whilst the summer is here (well what we can call a summer anyhow)

After some bad experiences (and a marked fairing!) with cheap batteries (like Blue Line), I only use Yuasa batteries in our bikes.

Same here

Yuasa all day long