Basic Maintenance - Teacher needed

Hey guys,

I keep meaning to get on the OMC course, I did send an email a couple weeks ago but didn’t hear back. I have just been on the website again and the next one isn’t for another month and I was hoping to get something done a little sooner.

I then thought…there are probably a few guys on here who really know there stuff, I wonder if someone would take a few hours out of their evening to teach me a thing or two for a little £££??

I live in east London and work in north so either are great for me, I of course wouldn’t mind travelling a little though.

Any takers?

walk around the bike do the mandatory kick of wheels… all is well jump on

now that’s £150 please :laugh:

Although their course isn’t for a month, phone them & book some time on one of their benchs and ask Matt to show you what to check/what to maintain.

Scorch is your man for anything home maintenance on bikes.

I’m also in the east/Essex and could show you some of what I learnt at last nights course, wouldn’t be as good obviously but it would keep u going

I think for a case of beer I might be persuaded to witter on about engines for an hour or so and throw a few spanners around with you :slight_smile:

Sounds perfect mate, where are you based?

This is a good idea, I was just thinking, there is many more of us here that knows nothing about the proper bike maintenance. I can use Haynes to do some basic things like oil and filter change and adjusting the chain, but this is as much as I can do and would like to know more. So maybe I could join GreenNBlack, and maybe some more of us? If there will be few more of us you could get a few months of beer supply :smiley:

I’m in Watford. I guess if you put a vague list together of the things you would like me to cover I’ll do my best to explain how it’s done. :slight_smile:

I’m based near Aldgate and am studying bike mechanics Since Sept '13. I’ve been servicing my own steed since I got it in Janurary 2012 with all basic servicing. I also turn spanners in exchange for experience in a local workshop, so I’m fledging…
Theres another member nearby whos very knowledgeable, but I’m not going to name drop him without his say so

That would be a much better return for your investment than me, Tim is very good and a diamond fella.

I will vouch for tim… even tho he is a northerner