Barro,s !!!

Nice Gallery Jay…

That Barro Guy has two choices…

He changes his name or he changes that paint scheme…

A Barro…in Brazil Colours !!!..



hahahahaha! Get used to the colour mate! We are everywhere!

Hey Cezaaaaaaar !!!

That post was solely for you my friend…I was wondering how long it was going to take you…

Have a good weekend and if you are about I am down at the Ace for Lunch tomorrow at about 12.30 onward

Anybody else ??

Just check out the new gallery of the garages at Silverstone Barro! Jay and Tasha are doing an incredible work bringing it all to us first then anybody else! I believ that LB is the first one to have this photos online worldwide as it’s been taken and uploaded! How great???

Quality…Ive just looked at all the Gallery…some hotshots there people…Great Work !!!

Cezar, after having seen Barros’ bike up-close and personal, I have to say, I really think you should get your bike resprayed in the same paint-scheme, it is amazing, and beautiful, I am of the thinking that it’s the best looking bike in the paddock, with the Xerox Ducati’s a close second. Do it, get a respray!!

Funny enough I have thought about that a lot!!!

So Cezar, what are you waiting for!! Get it done, I have totally fallen for it after seeing it up colse… Go on DO IT…

Oh! I’m really tempted! I would have to buy a fireblade… Where can I get those leathers made from? I need this foxy:


Ok Ok …I,l admit it…its a lovely paint scheme !!

I would have thought you could get Arlen Ness to make some, if they don’t have them already…

Is this better Barro


Hahaha, nice one Trix

Lovely to see the aussie colours being displayed so prominently on the site!! Thanks guys!!

hahahaha! It’s like on futebol guys! You can try but you will never match it! Even with a brazilian coach, teatching our futebol… Even with the same guy spraying that truck… Is a matter or be it! Not want to! lol