Bans for anyone posting Star Wars spoilers

In the interest of community cohesion we have decided to put in place a temporary ban on anyone posting star-wars spoilers until such a time as the majority of the community has seen the film.

Anyone breaching this rule will be subject to an instant lifetime ban. You have been warned!


Such a hard line - totally out of character given your avatar…choke choke…

How will this be en"force"d

By the power of the darkside, of course.

Well said. It is such a good film it would be such a shame to have it spoilt. It needs to be enjoyed by not knowing what is gonna happen next.

ROLL ON 7:30pm tonight !!  Quality father and son time !!

lol you lair you’re using your son as an excuse to see it so the wife allows it.


OK, you got me…  he is not a real fan, but then again, 3D, popcorn and refills of coke sold it to him… !

Spoiler alert : Princess Leia has a new hairstyle!

@mike - thanks man you ruined it for me!! I was going to have to wait months until I can stream this now there is just no point!!!

Now this is the movie they should have made !

MikeDerBike, you’re sailing, very, very close to the wind :slight_smile:

@jay or to the Death Stars next target! Disclaimer: I have no idea if that is a spoiler because the is no way I could have seen it as I have been stuck in a hospital bed and they don’t have the budget for it

Whar’s Star Wars?

Is that Ricky?