banning alcohol on the transport network

i thought this was already banned? if not, i cant believe it hasn’t been discussed until now…

in hindsight, this post is boring as hell but i have had to put up with buses/trains this week, until this evening anyway :smiley:

Hee hee, my son was roving reporter for associated newspapers, lol.

Doing work experience there and he went along with the reporter to this.:smiley:

Shame, I used to enjoy a ‘can for the journey’ on the way to a sesh :frowning:

gutted me too! often enjoy a can or two on my way into london for a night out.

Banned on the tube, buses, trams and DLR - I dont use any of them thank god! You can still drink on the train then - I still will anyway until someone stops me :wink:

It`s a great idea and i will vote for it.

So we’re down to ‘gesture politics’ already. Give the paranoid fools a little of what they want, at the expense of another little bit of freedom for the ordinary man in the street, and hope that no one notices that it doesn’t actually address the issue it’s supposedly directed at, and is impossible to police properly without spending a great deal of money that could be better spent tackling an actual problem.:rolleyes:

This was one of Ken’s/TfL policies that Boris has simply carried forward, it’s not something that Boris has magically been able to achieve in the couple of days he’s been in office.I agree with it anyway as do most people, what’s the problem ?

Boris, you twat, if you really want to make my journey more pleasant then instead of banning alcohol why not ban people who put their feet on the seats. Or get the BTP and/or ticket inspectors to do something about those people. Or better still, grant me immunity from prosecution when I remove said feet with an axe just above the ankle joint. Grrrr. And breaaaaathe…

Arrrghhh! You’ve just made my blood pressure rise unreasonably. Feet on seats really irks.

Feet on seats is banned as things stand. No conductors to enforce it though, so Boris is moving things in the right direction in getting Public Transport manned again by conductors/police.

i hope this is the beginning of cleaning up behavior on the transport network

if there are not the resources to stop drunks getting onto trains etc (only the misbehaving ones; like with aircraft) then at least stop access to the cause

sorry but my family and I have had to put up with intimidation and the stink of alcohol too many times and it always appears to be in London

you can hang on for a few mins to get to the pub :P:D

It has always been possible to throw people off buses for anti-social behaviour including abusive or drunken behaviour - but it used to be the conductors that enforced behaviour rules on buses and without them, this anti-alcohol rule is just empty posturing. The transport unions have already said that their members have no intention of enforcing it as they are busy enough and do not want to be put into a confrontational situation in which they will not get proper training or support.

true, losing the conductors was a bad move