Apparently I have been banned from the site-anyone want to explain to me why? How am I still here? Well, it’s my pc ip addy that’s been barred…

How are you posting then?

On mobile. Would be nice to have had a warning of some sort. Tbh no idea what it is I’ve supposedly done! Oh well, fck it. Laters.

Same here… Comes ups Oops your banned when logging in on pc. But using my phone is fine

Is this work PCs on a large network with one external IP address? This site may have banned someone else on the same IP address (on the same large network as you) which would affect everyone on that same network. It’s a possibility.

can you confirm, is this another “sod you lot I am off” thread??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah is work pc… Although been hapening for last couple weeks. Some days i login fine and other days im banned

God I wish I was banned, might be able to get some work done!

they have been my more productive days :wink:

Ditto but my boss is sharing my office today so its a little hard to do no work :stuck_out_tongue:

evidently, with you posting here right now… :stuck_out_tongue: