Banned from Riding

well, actually banned from operating anything more powerful than a TV remote for a while by my GP due to continuing dizzy spells.

He made me stand up and do the American roadside drunk test - touch your index finger to your nose etc. I’m still not convinced that part wasn’t for the benefit of a hidden camera somewhere to be reviewed by a secret cabal of “funniest doctors moments” judges.

I have some blood tests tomorrow, but in the meantime I guess i’ll be charging up my Oyster card.

Do wave as you ride past me at the bus stop of a morning.

Mate thats pants

oh dear sounds like (with a scotish acent) your doomed as say doomed get well soon bud

Oh no!!!1

Are you eating enough chocolate? I get dizzy spells when I don’t!

Sorry to hear that bud - hope you’re back on two wheels soon!

it probably is chocolate related, it’s been years since my last Kinder Surprise.

Crap! Ah well, at least summer’s over.

With a bit of luck it’ll turn out to be something and nothing, like vestibulitis/ labrynthitis. Fingers crossed eh?

How long has the doc advised you stay on feet rather than wheels? Might just be a middle ear infection that’ll clear up in a couple of days - certainly hope so. Good luck with blood test.

it’s been on and off for a year, get 3 or 4 bad days every 8 weeks, so it rules out ear infections etc. It never hits me suddenly during the day, I wake up one morning and the whole world is spinning, this started most recently on Monday (hence missing Cubana last night) and then improves over the next few days.

Sounds horrible, at least when it’s diagnosed, you can look at treating it. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

thanks, supposed to be going away on the bike on Friday next week, hoping something is resolved by then.

sorry to hear it & hope you’re back on the bike again soon!

Look up “labyrinthitis”, which is often a recurring viral infection of the middle ear.

Soz to hear that Hope you’re back on your feet and bike again soon

You poor lamb

Well I had the blood tests this morning, though neither the nurse or I connected “taking blood can cause faintness” and “dizzy spells” and I fell over when I stood up, which was both embarassing and painful.


Did I see you on the Piccadilly Line (Holborn) this morning at around 9.30am?

Blimey, how much blood did she take? Are you sure it was a nurse and not Dracula?

Sorry to hear that mate… hope your better soon

just be thankfull they have not diagnosed diabetes…its a real eye opener…