Bank Holiday monday Silverstone GP

I do believe its me, Alex Gold, and R6_AFC!

Should be a good day, first person there reserve a garage!

who you booked through cant seem to find it anywhere ? :slight_smile:

Are specators allowed?

Just up the road from me, would love to come and have a butchers.

focused events, and yeah i tink u can walk in and watch, my missis is coming so im guessing you would be fine!

yes you can spectate at silverstone,if your really cheaky you can drive a car round the outside of the circuit to spectate down the stowe end of the track. If I’m board on monday I might come and take some photos…

Can i come into the garage or do i have to wonder around outside if i am a spectator?

Would be nice to come and say hi etc inbetween sessions.

im not sure but normally you can get to the garages no probs!

It’s just a track day, so you should be able to come in no probs, just say you’ve come for the track day and their point you in the direct of the garages.

James mate, what time you planing to get up there, I’m hoping to get there for around 715 - 730am, as I got a new set of supers corsas to go on.

im planning on getting there about half 7 mostly to get set up then have a catch up and a cuppa. Its gunna be dry, but im bringing wets just in case it pissis down suddenly!

See you tomorrow!

How did it go? The boss had me doing some housey stuff today as I am on the DD ride out next sat. Did manage to get a small blast to Buckignham, Alesbury, Woburn then home :slight_smile:

was ok, great track, but we los alot of time cos of so many accidents in group 2 and 3. think there was 10 or more red flags!

but all the lb lot stayed rubber side down!

some quickly chosen pix, i’ll go through the rest later and pick the best

Very enjoyable day but for all the disruption, was an interesting rollicking for all after the incident. I guess being regular to track days (Im talking in general) gives you a disrespectful mentality to others as this was a big issue IMO.At least the weather was excellent! Cant have it all I guess and at least no one from here was taken out or affected :slight_smile: Great pics btw :cool:

yeah there was alot of nobbers out there, our group was not so bad. I do blame Focused a bit, they moved everyone around as so many inters booked. they moved some from inter to slow some from inter to fast.

I think alot of people in inters thought they where fast but they where nobbers!

But as you say good day over all! I dont think i will do another weekend track day though… talking of which… what next???:wink:

I need more track time tbh so plan on going back to Silverstone or want to do Brands next, preferably one more before the end of the year. Then plan what and how many for next year to make sure I up the quantity.U reckon it was because of the bank holiday as my only two prvios experiences where midweek and it seemed more sensible, respectful riding, oh and smaller groups.


rixxy_multi by urbannivag, on Flickr

great last picture of Rixxy Gavin, I do think the guy on the R6 with 11 number board looks pretty cool ha ha, but I would say that!!!